Class Group Photographs for creating the lists.

The rows start from where the teachers are sitting. List goes from left to right.

Names are to be shortened:
Rajinder Singh Koura is to written as Rajinder S. Koura
Rajinder Singh is to be written as Rajinder S.

The lists are to be emailed to

Please click on the links below to see the photograph

Class 01A

Class 01B

Class 01C

Class 01D

Class 01E

Class 02A

Class 02B

Class 02C

Class 02D

Class 02E

Class 03A

Class 03B

Class 03C

Class 03D

Class 03E

Class 04A

Class 04B

Class 04C

Class 04D

Class 04E

Class 05A

Class 05B

Class 05C

Class 05D

Class 05E